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Integrated Hourglass

We engineered a rotatable hourglass set precisely for 4 minutes, right into the handle, so you never have to drink a dull cup of coffee again.

But Why Use A French Press?

The paper filters in regular coffee makers, filter out all kinds of flavor holding oils that add richness to your coffee. In a french press, the grounds steep instead of filter, resulting in a more flavor rich coffee.

How to brew a perfect cup?

1. Add coffee grounds 

2. Pour Hot but not boiling water 

3. Rotate the hourglass

4. Wait 4 minutes and Plunge

4. Serve and Enjoy 

stramperpress ceramic french press

Minimal Design

The beautifully minimalist, Scandinavian inspired StramperPress is a classic french press brewer thoughtfully redesigned for the modern day coffee drinker.

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I love it. This is my first French press and The hourglass is perfect for my impatient self while making coffee.

Quick shipping! Love love love it, makes a great cup of coffee and it is so easy to use, especially with the built-in timer! High quality item!!

Great customer service & an awesome french press! Used as a Father's day gift 💕